Eesti in brief - 2009-06-10

  • 2009-06-10
Estonian companies are skeptical of religious minorities and more inclined to hire workers closer to home, a survey has found. Though most Estonian company managers claimed skill outweighed race, ethnic and religious considerations, a level of distrust remained about some minority groups, particularly those of Islamic faith. According to the survey, conducted by Saar Poll, employers were more inclined to hire people from closer regions, especially Scandinavian countries. Managers also indicated they consciously hire people of different nationality to certain posts or to handle particular customer groups.

Estonia's upper limit of parental benefit could be slashed by up to 50 percent under proposed government cuts. On June 8 the financial committee of parliament, members of the Center Party and members of the Green Party voted to reduce the parent support maximum from 30,000 kroons (1,917 kroons) to 15,000 kroons. Taavi Roivas, the chairperson of monetary committee at the Parliament said the move was a cruel blow to families' security.  Center Party says that lowering the benefit would save 250 million kroons.

Estonian border guards detained two Chinese nationals as they attempted to enter Estonia with fake visas. A spokesperson for the Border Guard told BNS two individuals were detained at a railway checkpoint in Narva on May 6 after the German visas contained in their Chinese passports were found to be counterfeit. The Chinese nationals were sent back to Russia after they had paid a fine and other administrative expenses.