'Narva is not another South Ossetia' Russia says

TALLINN - The Russian Embassy has hit back at the Estonian press, rebuffing allegations that their c

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Troops to be pulled from Iraq by end of 2008

RIGA - Latvia is planning to withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of 2008, Latvian Defense Minis

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Simm had security clearance in 2007: Interior Minister

TALLINN - Interior Minister Juri Pihl has revealed that Herman Simm, the disgraced former head of th

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Baltics near U.S. visa freedom

WASHINGTON 's Officials from the U.S. have released a flurry of statements inthe past few day

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Women earn 18 percent less

VILNIUS - The results of a recent survey have found that Lithuanian women earn a total of 18 percent

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President's chief aid steps down

RIGA - Eduard Stiprais, head of the Latvian president's chancellery, has resigned from his post and

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