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Soviet-era hitmen convicted of genocide

VILNIUS - The Kaunas district court on Jan. 25 convicted two former Soviet MGB (USSR Ministry for St

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Parliamentary speaker on thin ice

VILNIUS - The speaker of Lithuania's parliament, Viktoras Muntianas, is in danger of loosing his pos

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Draft employment bill riles unions, politicians

TALLINN - Members of the Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions (EAKL), as well as many Estonian pol

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Russia hits back 's expels Latvian diplomat

RIGA - In what is regarded as a tit-for-tat move, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Jan. 25

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flyLAL to go toe-to-toe with airBaltic

RIGA -- Lithuanian airline flyLAL-LithuanianAirlines has revealed an aggressive new strategy that

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Police conclude riot probes

TALLINN -- The Northern prefecture of theEstonian police force has completed proceedings in a

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Flu takes a grip on Latvia

RIGA -- An influenza epidemic has begun in Latvia, Elina Sprude-Nesenberga from the Public Health Ag

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Expelled diplomat was buying secrets

RIGA - Alexander Rogozhin, the Russian diplomatexpelled from Latv

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Estonian investors look east

TALLINN -- Baltic investment bank GILD Bankers is teaming upwith Azerbaijani-Estonian joint v

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Bank revises GDP, inflation forecasts

VILNIUS -- The Bank of Lithuania has decided that inflationlevels and GDP growth will both be

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