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Classy jewelry meets biker grunge

RIGA - The first time I went to the off-beat Komuta-tors art center

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FILM - Industry briefs

November 19: Movie ticket sales in Lithuania soared this yea

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FILM - Estonia's cinematic boom year

TALLINN - One highly popular Estonian film of 2007, Sugisball, expl

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Taking counsel - Overreaction and under-regulation in public procurement policy

After recent amendments to Lithuania's judiciary law, two public representatives who never exercised

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Lithuania chooses nuclear waste site

VILNIUS - Authorities have chosen a site for a building a repository for low and medium-level radioa

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Company briefs - 2008-01-09

Latvia's Competition Council hit the Euroaptieka pharmacy chain with a 30,500 lat (43,397 euro) fine

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Ventbunkers sues Ventspils Nafta for $90 mln

RIGA - A claim has been filed at the Riga Regional Court, asking to sequester $90 million from offic

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Riga-Valga train connection to be renewed in near future

TALLINN - Latvia's domestic passenger train operator is set to relaunch a train route to the Estonia

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Estonia to present position on Nord Stream soon

TALLINN - Estonia has until Jan. 18 to give its position on where it believes the Russian-German gas

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New car market most dynamic in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuania's new car market grew at the fastest pace in the Baltics in 2007, inflating over

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