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Eesti in brief - 2008-09-24

Estonia ranks 27th worldwide with a score of 6.5 in this year's Corruption Perceptions Index release

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Taking action: Churchill's victims collaborate

TALLINN - Action Against Churchill is an initiative started by a collective of Churchill's ex-client

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Cornerstone ceremony closes Victory Monument debate

TALLINN - The cornerstone of Tallinn's Victory Monument was laid in place Saturday, marking the begi

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The truth about the great property swindle

TALLINN - Lee Williams, the embattled co-founder of the scandalized property investment company Chur

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Widespread espionage feared in the Baltics

TALLINN - Herman Simm, the former Defense Ministry security chief arrested for selling military secr

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Eesti in brief - 2008-09-18

Demolitions experts from the Estonian Rescue Board have cleared three Georgian villages and one airf

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Budget plans 'will wreck'

TALLINN - The government will cause misery to the vulnerable by cutting back on public services whil

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EU may issue fine for trash problem

TALLINN - Just when environmental campaigners  for Teeme Ara "Let's do it" were feeling smug ab

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Eesti in brief - 2008-09-10

U.S. Air Force Commander Roger Brady has confirmed that from October the United States will be takin

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Christian groups at odds with Muslims over mosque

TALLINN - Christian groups have reacted angrily to renewed plans for a mosque to be built in Tallinn

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