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Eesti in brief - 2008-10-15

According to current plans, Estonia will support the reconstruction of Georgia with 6.5 million kroo

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New bill to slash number of public servants

TALLINN - On Tuesday Oct. 13 the Justice Ministry released a draft proposal for a new public service

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Education Minister wants to ban Russian language schools

TALLINN - Education Minister Tonis Lukas has suggested that Russian schools be phased out of existen

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Eesti in brief - 2008-10-08

On Oct. 7 the parliamentary constitutional committee declined to back a bill that would make it mand

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IT experts turn criminal

TALLINN - Bank and credit card fraud has apparently become the new trend crime among Estonians; with

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Teachers fail language inspections

TALLINN - Many primary school and kindergarten teacher can't speak Estonian well enough to teach, ac

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Eesti in brief - 2008-10-01

Unemployment rates in Estonia have grown 45 percent compared to 2007, with 12,000 people made redund

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Tallinn students protest Belarus elections

TALLINN - Belarussians studying in Tallinn demonstrated in front of the consulate general Sunday to

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'Narva is not another South Ossetia' Russia says

TALLINN - The Russian Embassy has hit back at the Estonian press, rebuffing allegations that their c

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Simm had security clearance in 2007: Interior Minister

TALLINN - Interior Minister Juri Pihl has revealed that Herman Simm, the disgraced former head of th

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