Nord Stream turns back to Finland

  • 2007-09-21
  • By Mike Collier
TALLINN - The Russo-German Nord Stream pipeline consortium says it will return to its original plan of routing the link through Finnish waters following Estonia's refusal to grant permission for a seabed survey in its exclusive economic zone.

"The details associated with this decision must be carefully studied before a further evaluation can be made," said a company statement.

"As part of the international consultation process in accordance with the Espoo convention, Finland had requested a survey of a potential route further south in the Gulf of Finland in order to minimise environmental impact. Nord Stream accommodated this request."

Nord Stream will now have to work hard at assuaging Finnish fears that construction of the pipeline could have a damaging environmental impact or face the prospect of not being able to link the two ends of the pipeline.

The company was keen to reassert what it sees as its central role in ensuring reliable energy supplies to Western Europe, adding: "Nord Stream is crucial to providing Europe with a sustainable supply of natural gas and has been declared a priority project by the European Union. Nord Stream will continue to work with countries bordering on the Baltic Sea to ensure that the pipeline will be constructed in a timely manner in accordance with the highest possible security and environmental standards."