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Hope lost for missing soldiers

RIGA - Little hope remains that the second of two soldiers who went missing after a July 18 boating

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Estonia must cut Russian oil ties: Economic Minister

TALLINN - Estonia must wean itself off its reliance on Russian oil supplies and develop Euro-focused

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Bird flu scare proves false alarm

VILNIUS - A strange noise coming from a group of sick and injured cormorants on the Kaliningrad sect

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Joint military spending takes off

RIGA/TALLINN - The three Baltic states are planning collective purchases of armored personnel carrie

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Polish, Lithuanian presidents talk cooperation

VILNIUS 's In a July 24 telephone conversation between President Valdas Adamkus and his Polish count

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Estonian farmers fear drop in subsidies

TALLINN - A plan to change the way farm subsidies are paid in Estoinia is makinbg the nation's farme

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Plan to pay for police protection

RIGA - Latvian Interior Minister Ivars Godmanis minister has floated the possibility of event organi

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Baltic countries ask for pipeline alternative

VILNIUS 's The economy ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland have sent a joint letter t

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Tallink denies flouting cigarette ban

TALLINN - Shipping group Tallink has denied a newspaper report that it allows customers to freely sm

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Dual citizenship could be coming

RIGA - The door seems to be opening on something that would make many Latvians' lives easier - dual

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