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Don't mention the Cold War

VILNIUS/TALLINN - If the strategy behind the Russian government's maneuvers of recent weeks was to c

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Hot Fuzz

"Hot Fuzz" is from the same team behind the brilliant "Shaun of the Dead" and is every bit as invent

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Lithuania's seashore goes classical

PALANGA - Summer is the time when the streets of Lithuania's cities empty out and all the action mov

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Striving to be ugly... and not making it

RIGA - In a city with the high restaurant/bar turnover rate that Riga has, it can be difficult for a

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BIOTECH - Baltic biotech carving out its niche

TALLINN - No matter what part of the globe you're standing on, the terms "biotechnology" and "biomed

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Indie rock on display at Plink Plonk

TALLINN - Indie rock in Estonia is defined by a few key names and places. There's Tallinn's Von Krah

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BIOTECH - Tartu biotech looks to assert itself in challenging global sector

TARTU - In recent years, two phenomena have helped Estonia carve out a path towards a knowledge-base

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Company briefs - 2007-07-18

Eesti Talleks, owner of a Volkswagen distributor, opened the first Lamborghini showroom in the Balti

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Taking counsel: Employee's prohibition on competition

The situation on the Estonian labor market has compelled employers to mull over ways to restrict emp

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Labor crunch delays opening of five-star hotel

TALLINN - The opening of a five-star hotel in downtown Tallinn has been delayed due to the market's

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