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Latvia's inflation set to linger

RIGA - Latvia's annual inflation, now running at 11.4 percent, will probably start decreasing only i

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Inflation worries clash with EU demands for higher spending

RIGA - Inflation threatens to run out of control in Lithuania if the parliament tries to boost the e

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Nuclear project squeezed by Poland's energy demands

RIGA - Seeking to satisfy Poland's aggressive demand to receive up to 1,200 megawatts of output from

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Government to split Estonian Railway

TALLINN - Voting on a proposal by Estonian Minister of Economy Juhan Parts, the Cabinet at an extrao

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TAKING COUNSEL: First North 's an alternative marketplace for small and medium enterprises 's soon to open in Tallinn

Estonia's parliament is processing a draft law amending the Securities Act and related acts, pursuan

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Company brief

Scandinavian Airlines offered 2,000 euros and two free economy class roundtrip tickets to any destin

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Ansip wary of Russian gas

TALLINN - Having weighed Estonia's energy alternatives in the not too distant future, Prime Minister

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FlyLAL says prepared to take majority stake in airBaltic

RIGA - Lithuania's largest airline recently shocked the regional business community when it suddenly

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Inflation soars in all three Baltic states, triggering renewed fears of contagion

RIGA - Consumer prices soared in September throughout the Baltic region, surpassing analysts' expect

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Polish minister irks Lithuanian leadership, casts shadow over Vilnius summit

VILNIUS - A statement by a Polish Cabinet official to the effect that Poland insists on controlling

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