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Taking counsel - Transactional booby-trap: claim rights against tenants on property transfers

Whatever the state of the market, many different factors go into pricing real estate. When buying a

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Company briefs - 2007-12-19

Aker Arctic Technology, a Finnish firm that won public procurement tender in Estonia for the design

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Staff and wire reports

VILNIUS - Lithuania's largest producer of alcoholic beverages, Stumbras, has announced that sales ov

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State, private energy firm keeping mum after finishing merger talks

VILNIUS - A ministry and a private energy firm announced on Dec. 17 that they have concluded talks o

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Two large oil handlers in merger talks

TALLINN - The owners of Estonia's two largest oil export terminals 's E.O.S. and Pakterminal 's are

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Property prices in Riga falling, but not dramatically

RIGA - Though it has failed to reverse the rise in the consumer price index, the government's anti-i

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Kreenholm to lay off another 900 workers

TALLINN - Nearly a thousand textile workers in Narva will lose their jobs in 2008 as the historic Kr

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Gas prices set to soar

RIGA - Latvijas Gaze has accepted a new gas supply contract with Russia's Gazprom that calls for inc

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Estonia approves questionable tax amendment

TALLINN - A government-approved amendment to the income tax law could spell legal trouble for Estoni

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Company briefs - 2007-12-12

M.A.S.I Company, a Finnish clothing designer, agreed to purchase a small textile plant owned by Esto

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