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Surf's Up

Directors: Ash Brannon and Chris BuckPoor penguins. These lucrative little birds hav

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The Nanny Diaries

Director: Shari Springer Berman and Robert PulciniIs anyone else suffering from Scar

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Director: Greg MottolaFrom the opening scene in which best friends Seth (Jonah Hill)

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Inland Empire

Director: David LynchDavid Lynch reportedly began shooting "Inland Empire" as an uns

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Loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 classic "Rear Window," "Disturbia" is actually a surprising

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Arctic Tale

The documentary "Arctic Tale" attempts to put a human face to wildlife in the Arctic. It works towar

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No Reservations

The problem with this romantic comedy is that it just isn't funny.Catherine Zeta-Jones makes

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I'm not exactly sure why "Evening" is called "Evening." It could be that the events it relates in a

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Catacombs Director: T. Coker and D. ElliotMost tourists walking around Paris aren't

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Director: Adam ShankmanMovies don't come much brasher than "Hairspray." It's almost

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