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The Heartbreak Kid

Directors: Bobby and Peter Farrelly"The Heartbreak Kid" is something of a return to

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Lions for Lambs

Director: Robert RedfordThere aren't many mainstream anti-war films that focus on th

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Saw IV

Director: Darren Lynn BousmanThe "Saw" movies are being knocked out with remarkable

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Resident Evil: Extinction

 Director: Russell MulcahyAs a true fan of the first two Resident Evil films (I

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Shoot 'Em Up

Director: Michael DavisIf nothing else, "Shoot 'Em Up" certainly lives up to its tit

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The Dark is Rising

Director: David Cunningham"The Dark is Rising" is yet another adventure film in a re

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American Gangster

 Director: Ridley ScottAfter the squeamishly bad romantic comedy "A Good Year,"

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The Brave One

 Director: Neil JordanIt's hard to imagine how the victims of violent crime cop

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Director: Matthew Vaughn"Stardust" is a refreshing change from the glut of tiresomel

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Sugisball (Autumn Ball)

Director: Veio Ounpuu"Sugisball" is a bleak but beautiful study of the struggles of

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