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Eesti in brief - 2007-08-01

Tallinn's new alcohol sale restrictions came into effect on Wednesday Aug. 1. Shops are now forbidde

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Veterans' meeting angers Russia

TALLINN - Russia has again accused Estonia of fostering "fascism" after a group of World War II vete

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Local sleuth's research kick-starts war crimes case

TALLINN - Security police have launched an investigation into alleged war crimes involving the slaug

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Cruise ship passengers hit by Legionnaires' disease

TALLINN - Seven passengers on board a cruise ship that recently docked in Tallinn have been hospital

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Borders to fall by Christmas

TALLINN - The Baltic nations are on track to be admitted to the Schengen border-free zone by Decembe

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Police crack down on drunk drivers

TALLINN - Serious drunk driving is set to become a criminal offense after Justice Minister Rein Lang

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Foreign students could face language tests for visas

TALLINN - Foreign students will soon face tougher checks before being handed an Estonian residence p

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Eesti in brief - 2007-07-25

The government said it would pay 350,000 kroons to help transport a fragile premature baby born to a

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Estonia must cut Russian oil ties: Economic Minister

TALLINN - Estonia must wean itself off its reliance on Russian oil supplies and develop Euro-focused

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Eesti in brief - 2007-07-18

Estonia's richest suburb, the beachside enclave of Viimsi, is more than three times wealthier than i

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