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President of EU Parliament visits Narva, praises language reforms

TALLINN - The President of theEuropean ParliamentHans-Gert Poettering gavetacit support to Est

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New Freedom Monument unveiled

TALLINN - Just days after Estoniaunveiled the blueprints for its newFreedom Monument, Pr

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Eesti in brief - 2007-08-15

Organizers of the Tallinn Pride gay parade said the Aug. 11 march was a success, with no disruptions

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Crash victims' 37 seconds of terror

TALLINN - The victims of the 2005 Copterline helicopter crash endured 37 seconds of terror as the ai

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Blind man caught drunk driving again

TALLINN - Tartu's blind driver can't see a problem with getting behind the wheel.For the sec

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Military games draw fresh accusations

TALLINN - Estonia has again come under fire in the Russian media for hosting a military sports event

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Eesti in brief - 2007-08-08

A farm in south Estonia culled more than 5,000 hens after health authorities discovered an outbreak

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Police stop blind and drunk driver

TALLINN - It's often said that some inebriated people are "blind drunk." In the case of one Estonian

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Gay marchers hope for peaceful parade

TALLINN - Organizers of the 2007 Tallinn Pride gay parade said they were hoping to avoid a repeat of

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50 Cent concert promoter chased for 50 grand

TALLINN - The Estonian promoter of the recent 50 Cent concert in Tallinn is being pursued by a U.S-b

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