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Extra session may be left high and dry

TALLINN - Estonia's ruling coalition has chosen not to support the energy proposals due to be put fo

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Tallinn mayor loses license, 'praises' police

TALLINN - Rakvere Police Department of the Estonian East Police Prefecture has fined Mayor of Tallin

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Zatlers reasserts his independence

RIGA - Latvian President Valdis Zatlers would like to position himself halfway between a Scandinavia

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Adamkus: murderers will face 'day of reckoning'

MEDININKAI - President Valdas Adamkus spoke in emotional terms July 31 at a dawn commemoration cerem

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Latvia turns Euroskeptic

RIGA - Three years on from the euphoric scenes that accompanied the Baltic States' accession to the

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Greens force extraordinary session

TALLINN 's Estonia's Green Party claims it has succeeded in collecting the 21 signatures it needs to

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Kirkilas denies government is 'doomed'

VILNIUS 's Lithuanian Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas has denied an expert forecast that his minor

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Joint military spending takes off

RIGA/TALLINN - The three Baltic states are planning collective purchases of armored personnel carrie

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Dual citizenship could be coming

RIGA - The door seems to be opening on something that would make many Latvians' lives easier - dual

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Latvian-Russian relations warming

RIGA - In stark contrast to the icy chill between Tallinn and Moscow, Latvian-Russian relations are

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