Latvian Border Treaty with Russia moves forward

The Latvian parliament's foreign affairs committee on Jan. 17 sent to the parliament a bill whic

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Russian banker, MP propose to buy land under Soviet monument

Alexander Lebedev, member of the Duma (lower house of Russian parliament) and co-owner of Russia'

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Latvian Parliament fails ombudsman elections

The Latvian parliament held three rounds of voting on Jan. 11, but nevertheless failed to elect the

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Worm-infested sweets found at Rimi

RIGA - Latvian-made sweets sold at a Rimi Lietuva store in Vilnius have been found to contain worms,

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Latvian police prosecuted for wiretapping

RIGA 's The Prosecutor General's Office has launched a criminal case against four officers of the La

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Hundreds of people bid farewell to the two soldiers killed in Iraq.

Hundreds of people, including Latvia's top officials and military commanders, gathered in St. Peter'

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Lithuania to seek larger share of the nuclear pie

A minor battle is lining up for the Jan. 9 meeting in Warsaw to discuss the specifics of the planned

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Latvia sends what may be last rotation of soldiers to Iraq

RIGA - Defense Minister Atis Slakteris announced that the unit of Latvian peace-keepers sent to Iraq

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Estonian medical workers to go on strike

TALLINN - A nationwide general strike of medical workers will begin at 8 a.m. on Jan. 17, the strike

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