Splashes of Riga

  • 2006-12-06
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - Simplistic as her art may be, Liga Purmale's colorful canvasses are a delight to the eye. "Variations on theme," is the latest exhibit by this talented Latvian artist. Purmale's work has long been admired in her home country, as well as abroad.

"Variations on theme" include Purmale's nine newest paintings that capture the dazzling lights of the city. Whether it's a rain-stained car windshield splashed with the glow of street lights or the dark silhouette of a man walking home from work, the artist's paintings reflect the vibrance of city life with enviable simplicity.

The Riga Gallery exhibition centers around four large format paintings that characterzie not only life in Riga, but in any other European city. Purmale uses rich colors 's bold reds, deep blues, dark tones of gray 's to add depth to otherwise common urban objects. And every canvass is filled with movement, as cities are never still.
Purmale pays special attention to neon advertising lights, which compliment her poster-like art with commercial authenticity. Those who know the artist's work will instantly recognize her hazy style 's dreamlike and ethereal. All this is enriched by Purmale's thick brush strokes and hazy style.

If anything, the exhibit is a perfect refuge for these uncharacteristically rainy December days. It might even inspire you to pack away your umbrella on the way out to get a better glimpse of the surrounding city.

"Variations on Theme"
Riga Gallery
Runs through Dec. 16