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Latvija in brief - 2006-12-20

Parliament passed the 2007 budget, which in the words of Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis, "will help

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Baltic Assembly urges Russia to ease off Georgia

RIGA/VILNIUS - Members of the Baltic Assembly, a group of lawmakers from the three countries, passed

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Government to set up border-congestion task force

RIGA - The government has agreed to set up a new task force to tackle congestion on the Latvian-Russ

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Who's who?

In your online story about Poland wanting to be part of the project to build a new nuclear reactor i

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Ethical conundrum

In response to Freddy of the U.K.'s letter "Shame on you Latvia," in which he condemns the Latvian p

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Go easy, guys

Let's quit bashing Latvia on the gay rights issue. There isn't a country in the world where homosex

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Blind irony

Regarding the story "Latvia condemns statements questioning the history of the Holocaust;" I find th

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In the Baltics, the word "billion" is a stranger. It appears every so often, and usually in relation

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Eesti in brief - 2006-12-20

The Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan will visit Estonia for a two-day official visit on

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Budget makes way for bikes

TALLINN - Tallinn City Council passed a 6.6 billion kroon (427 million euro) budget on Dec. 14, an i

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