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U.S.A. beats Latvia in final World Cup friendly

RIGA - The U.S.A. notched up an unconvincing 1-0 victory against Latvia on May 28 in its final warm-

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IMF: Latvia must beware 'overheating'

RIGA - A mission from the International Monetary Fund has warned the Latvian government that the eco

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Baltic wages climbing fast

TALLINN - Fresh statistics from Estonia and Lithuania show that average wages and salaries soared ov

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'Euro-blues' settle over Baltics

VILNIUS - Baltic financial leaders are now in an extended period of reflection as hopes for early en

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Progressive companies stumble over outdated regulations

RIGA - Opening a business in Latvia can be an economic and bureaucratic rollercoaster, even if you k

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Self-employment still a precarious venture

TALLINN - Starting a company of your own can be a sign of wealth or disaster, depending on the idea

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Company briefs - 2006-05-31

Lido, Latvia's brand-name restaurant and catering company, announced that it posted 18.3 million lat

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Taking counsel: Redefining the concept of dominance in Latvia

For decades dominant companies have been burdened with a special responsibility not to allow their c

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Economist compares Estonia, Russia

TALLINN - Andrei Illarionov, a former economic adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin and argua

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'Hearts' give sweets-producers headache

RIGA-VILNIUS - A Lithuanian pastry producer is planning to seek compensation from a Latvian confecti

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