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Sweden takes Championship gold

RIGA - May 21 marked the World Championship's final day and a thrilling victory for Sweden. The Sca

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TALKING TAX: New regulation clarifies VAT application in Latvia

The government adopted new regulations on implementation of the Law on Value Added Tax. The regulati

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Tourist numbers soar in Latvia, Lithuania

RIGA - The number of foreign tourists visiting Vilnius in 2005 grew 20 percent to 1.2 million, while

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Estonians more cautious about property

TALLINN - The slowdown in real estate prices and growth of interest rates has made Estonians more ca

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Lithuania suffers 'Russian energy bug'

VILNIUS - A top Lithuanian official has said that the country's energy dependence on Russia could be

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Taking counsel: Governance structure of Estonian companies

Corporate governance contains an element of risk for investors, so it is vital for foreign investors

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Company briefs - 2006-05-24

Sonex Technologies, the largest IT group in the Baltics, said it would aim to integrate its subsidia

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Belgians back out of plant project

RIGA - The Belgian company Spanogroup will most likely scratch plans to build a 250 million-euro pro

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Lithuanian gasoline losing ground in Latvia to Norwegian competition

VILNIUS - Latvian imports of Lithuania-made gasoline declined considerably over the first three mont

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Skype owners start buying

TALLINN - Ambient Sound Investments, an investment group set up by the Estonian co-founders of Skype

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