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Finance police suspended

RIGA - The State Revenue Service has suspended four Finance Police officers from their posts pending

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Latvija in brief - 2006-09-20

Responding to a distress call, Swedish and Latvian sailors helped save the crew of a leaky Latvian f

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Repse kills man in auto accident

RIGA - Einars Repse, leader of Latvia's center-right New Era party, hit and killed a pedestrian late

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Trust in Parliament continues to drop

RIGA - A recent survey shows that only 27 percent of Latvia's residents trust Saeima (Latvia's parli

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Phone-tapping scandal questions integrity of law enforcement

RIGA - Latvia's entire law enforcement system came under scrutiny last week after it was revealed th

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Baltics nominate Vike-Freiberga for U.N. secretary-general

RIGA - President Vaira Vike-Freiberga announced on Sept. 16 that she would join the competition to b

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Latvija in brief - 2006-09-13

Defence Ministry state secretary Edgars Rinkevics will be in the United States Sept. 20-23 on a work

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Council of Europe, Baltic partners collaborate against human trafficking

RIGA - Every year, thousands of women, children and men are trafficked for sexual exploitation or ot

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Munkevics replaces Aizstrauta as Jurmala mayor

RIGA - Lawmakers from Latvia's lush seaside town of Jurmala have sacked Inese Aizstrauta from the ma

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MPs ban job discrimination against homosexuals

RIGA - Parliament's social and labor affairs committee upheld amendments to the labor law on Sept. 1

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