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Latvija in brief - 2006-12-20

Parliament passed the 2007 budget, which in the words of Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis, "will help

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Baltic Assembly urges Russia to ease off Georgia

RIGA/VILNIUS - Members of the Baltic Assembly, a group of lawmakers from the three countries, passed

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Government to set up border-congestion task force

RIGA - The government has agreed to set up a new task force to tackle congestion on the Latvian-Russ

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Nationalists stubborn on citizenship

RIGA - After discussing Latvia's "special merit" naturalization policy last week, a number of nation

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Latvija in brief - 2006-12-13

The average per capita alcohol consumption (pure alcohol) in Latvia was 8.7 liters in 2005, the cent

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Government funds 'too late' for solving border problems

RIGA - The government decided to allocate 100,000 lats (142,288 euros) to the eastern county of Ludz

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Shorter days, mild weather contribute to deadly road toll

RIGA - Ten pedestrians were killed in road accidents in Latvia last weekend 's the highest number ev

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Latvija in brief - 2006-12-06

The ruling nationalist For Fatherland and Freedom party will nominate American-Latvian Rasma Karklin

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Human rights chairman defends homophobic stance

RIGA - The appointment of outspoken minister Janis Smits as Parliament's new human rights committee

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Gates foundation donates $16.2 million to library project

RIGA - American software giant Microsoft, together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have do

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