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Jekabsons leaves Latvia's First

Former Interior Minister Eriks Jekabsons, a leader of Latvia's First Party, told the Baltic News Ser

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Brazauskas: Adamkus reacted in a 'just way'

Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas expressed satisfaction that the president has reacted in a "just

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Meri hospitalized with blood clot

Former Estonian president Lennart Meri was hospitalised with a serious blood clot on Tuesday, the da

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Government focuses on immigration

TALLINN 's The government developed a new integration plan that focuses on bringing in immigrant lab

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Russia trains airforce after SU-27 crash

MOSCOW - Commander of the Russian Air Force Army Gen. Vladimir Mihkailov announced that Russia's mi

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Nearly half of Latvians indifferent to Independence Day

RIGA - Approximately 40 percent of Latvia's population spend November 18, the nation's Independence

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Lithuania, Poland share experience with Eastern neighbors

WARSAW - Strategic partners Lithuania and Poland are seeking to share their experience with new neig

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Human Rights Office opens anti-discrimination department

RIGA 's The Latvian National Human Rights Office opened a new department on Nov. 16 to specialize in

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Police arrest Pae Street suspect

TALLINN- National security police arrested a person suspected of carrying out explosions in the area

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Janis Jurkans: I'm finished with politics.

RIGA- Former leader of the People's Harmony Party and independent member of Parliament Janis Jurkans

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