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Tourists can help

It is easy to understand the difficulties any local authority faces in reconciling the need for low

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Time of your Latvia

Jelena Prokopcuka of Latvia finished first in the women's New York Marathon last month. Large recogn

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Laughable logic

This article ("No intifada in France" in TBT #482) is one of the most humorous pieces of trivia I ha

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Reading the article by Morten Hansen (TBT #478), didn't particularly help me feel less worried about

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Tartu talisman

On my recent visit to Estonia I was startled to come across two bronze statues of Wildes outside the

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Red dud

The Latvian Red Cross just announced that they have established a bank account for people to donat

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Latvia 's wake up!

Two years ago, just like many Americans, I had no idea where or what the Baltic countries were. It w

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Words from a mother

Question: To discriminate or not to discriminate? According to the Penguin English Dictionary 's "di

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Cry of honesty

PORTLAND, OREGON - Perhaps someone can explain marketing, politics and capitalism in Latvia. The La

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Save Riga's soul

I recently spent a week in Riga 's my interest being your traditional music, especially your small b

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