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Strange deal makes Hanschmidt country's richest individual

TALLINN - The list of the richest businessmen is Estonia suddenly, and somewhat mysteriously, change

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Pro Patria lashes out at Centrists' agreement with Russia's pro-Kremlin party

TALLINN - Leaders of the right-wing Pro Patria Union have demanded the immediate cancellation of a p

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Minister apologizes for controversial statement

TALLINN - Education Minister Mailis Reps made the painful admittance that she was duped by Kremlin p

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Survey provides glimpse into nation's soul

TALLINN - For anyone interested in taking a peek at the moral fiber of Estonians, the results of a n

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Only hope...

Tonu Ader, deputy head of the helicopter disaster investigation commission, said those in the helico

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Helicopter nosedives into bay, takes lives of crew and passengers

TALLINN - Twelve passengers and two crew members died on Aug. 10 when a commercial helicopter flying

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Court slaps minor fine for anti-Semitic comment

TALLINN - The Tallinn City Court has set a legal precedent by penalizing a 22-year-old for leaving v

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Centrist speaks out for bilingualism

TALLINN - One-third of the politicians in the Tallinn City Council do not speak satisfactory Estonia

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Hammer and sickle display irks politicians

TALLINN - A display of Soviet symbols at Tallinn's summer days festival drew sharp criticism from po

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Halonen, Putin exchange views on noncitizens

HELSINKI - Finnish President Tarja Halonen and Russian President Vladimir Putin made evident their d

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