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Is the CIS more than just a photo shoot

RFE/RL, PRAGUE - Leaders from the Commonwealth of Independent States held a summit last week in Kaza

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One year after Beslan, question remain

RFE/RL PRAGUE - The hostage takers kept their victims packed for three days in the school's swelteri

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NATO sets ambitious goals for Lithuania

VILNIUS - NATO allies have developed a new defense plan for Lithuania, hoping to strengthen the Balt

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Soccer captain: Russians tried to bribe Latvian team

RIGA 's Vitalijs Astafjevs, captain of Latvia's national football team, shocked the international sp

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Antropov steps down as police chief

TALLINN - After officially announcing his resignation on Aug. 17, former Police Chief Robert Antropo

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Divers pull out 13 victims, one pilot from helicopter wreckage

TALLINN 's Finnish divers have pulled out 13 bodies from the wreckage of Wednesday's helicopter acci

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Copterline executives at a loss for explanation of crash

TALLINN - Copterline managers were unable to explain why one of their helicopters crashed into the s

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Helicopter crashes out Tallinn, 14 feared dead

TALLINN 's A commercial helicopter on flight from Tallinn to Helsinki crashed into the sea not for f

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President calls upon Latvians to prevent damage to country's image

RIGA 's President Vaira Vike-Freiberga suggested that the government needed to control prostitution

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Uspaskich's 'diploma' unconvincing for partners, opposition

VILNIUS 's Labor Party leader Viktor Uspaskich made a no-holds barred effort on Thursday to convince

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