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Valdas still undecided on Moscow, regrets Vike-Freiberga's comments on Baltic unity

VILNIUS 's President Valdas Adamkus expressed regret at Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga's rec

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Ruutel releases Ojuland of her duties

TALLINN 's President Arnold Ruutel on Thursday signed a resolution releasing Kristiina Ojuland from

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Ventspils-backed media attacks prosecutor general

RIGA 's A newspaper controlled by Ventspils business interests has accused Prosecutor General Janis

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Ship with Estonian crew sinks off Faeroe Islands

TALLINN 's A freight ship with an Estonian crew sank off the Faeroe Islands on Monday, the Estonian

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Yukos wants to retain control of Mazeikiu

VILNIUS 's Top Yukos managers told Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas on Tuesday that they did not i

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Four die in train accident, dozens injured

RIGA 's On Feb.2 four people died as a result of a train collision near Riga's central station on We

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Estonian MEP supports ban of communist symbols

BRUSSELS 's Tunne Kelam, a MEP from Estonia, said communist symbols must condemned in the same way a

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Commission receives list of 10 more KGB reservists

VILNIUS 's The ad hoc parliamentary commission charged to investigate Lithuanian officials who had b

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Train wreck in Riga kills two, injures several others

RIGA 's A train crash near Riga's central train station on Wednesday morning led to the deaths of at

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Curonian Spit not likely to be put on danger list

VILNIUS 's Politicians said that the Curonian Spit, Lithuania's unique geographical formation and va

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