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Kononov's fate finally set by Supreme Court

RIGA - The Supreme Court upheld a seminal war crimes judgment on Sept. 28 against Soviet partisan, V

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Budget debate could divide coalition

RIGA - Passing a budget is no easy task for a majority coalition. This year, finding the right balan

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Eesti in brief - 2004-09-29

The International Car-Free Day in Tallinn on Sept. 22, resulted in about two times more car accident

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Formation of the Russia Party drags on indefinitely

TALLINN - Although politicians from six countries signed a declaration on setting up a Russian party

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Defections set stage for new balance of power in Tallinn City Council

TALLINN - A new group of lawmakers being formed in the Tallinn City Council could upset the current

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Kremlin debates grievances before an EU audience

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin's special envoy to the European Union, Sergei Yastrzhembsky, criti

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According to 2003 figures, Estonia had the biggest budget surplus in the EU at 3.1 percent of GDP, a

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AIDS conference warns of resurgent threat

RFE/RL VILNIUS - The enlargement of the European Union this year brought the problem of HIV/AIDS ont

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Ten years after a tragedy that will never die

TALLINN - The 10th anniversary of the Estonia ferry catastrophe 's the worst in European peacetime h

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Anesthesiologists to go on strike, demand higher wages

RIGA - Latvian anesthesiologists took a further step last week in their game of brinkmanship with th

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