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The odd couple: big business and individuals as consumers

Most people think of a consumer as an individual buying personal, household or family items. This pe

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Recognition and execution of foreign court decisions in Latvia

Within the scope of existing EU regulations and international conventions, the Latvian Civil Procedu

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Complications of implementing EC regulations on insolvency proceedings

The European Commission's Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings 2000 (Council Regulation No. 1346/ 20

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Harsher punishments for crimes in Estonia?

Criminologists have been wondering about the effects of making sentencing policies stricter or more

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Latvian labor law: Any need for further reform?

In the European Union employment law is basically left up to the member states. It is not surprising

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In brief - 2004-09-22

Jose Antonio Camacho resigned as Real Madrid coach on Sept. 20, just four months and several games i

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Pijpers to leave as Estonia, FC Flora coach

TALLINN - The Estonian national soccer team is on the hunt for a new coach as it emerged that the Es

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Boxing storm to descend on Riga

RIGA - For some, boxing is a brutal, mindless sport that should be banned. For others, pugilism is s

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Movie Preview

This week - Home on the Range - The Village - 11:14Home on the RangeDirector: W. Finn

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There will be a free concert at Kaarli church in Tallinn on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. to commemorate the 10

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