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Festival appeals to northern sensibilities

VILNIUS - The weathered landscapes of Greenland, breathtaking contours of Iceland and the treeless e

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Latvija in brief - 2004-03-18

Over 10,500 Russian citizens in Latvia participated in the recent Russian presidential elections, ou

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Emsis: green as pulp

In the one week that Emsis has held the office of prime minister, the former biology professor has s

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'Short-term' coalition hopes for long-term stability

RIGA - Indulis Emsis' recently formed minority government may be less stable than its predecessor du

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Greased lightning strikes Tallinn

TALLINN - There's definitely something out of place about having the story of Rydell High's class of

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Eesti in brief - 2004-03-18

Over 25,000 Russian citizens residing in Estonia voted in the Russian presidential elections, accori

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Europe must remain competitive

Without a doubt Siim Kallas is one of Estonia's dominant, indefatigable political personalities, who

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Facilitated travel without a hitch

MOSCOW-VILNIUS - "Good evening, this is the Lithuanian Consular Service," says the officer as he wal

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The man who set history free for Latvia

RIGA - Mavriks Vulfsons, a titan of Baltic independence who died last week at age 86, cherished to h

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Strike may face removal

RIGA - The acting head of the Corruption Prevention and Control Bureau, Juta Strike, will be removed

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