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Estonia faces a demanding real estate market

TALLINN - As the Baltics continue to attract foreign investment, real estate experts have pointed ou

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Imanta to get two new high-rise buildings

RIGA - With demand for residential housing in Riga at sky-high levels, the real estate developer Par

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Turi vodka tests tradition in the new world

NEW YORK - At a time when new vodka products are constantly popping up in the United States, Estonia

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Fruit wine industry faces taxing changes

TALLINN - Though many have hailed the coming enlargement of the European Union to include the Baltic

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Younger consumers bypass traditional water brands

VILNIUS - Buying mineral water in Lithuania a few years ago most likely meant purchasing a drink rep

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Price war pushes beer into plastic bottles

TARTU - Estonian breweries are introducing plastic beer bottles in a bid to lure back thrifty consum

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ESTONIAMotorex. The 13th international motor show in Tallinn covers cars, trucks and buses, trai

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Investors buying upexchange shares

VILNIUS - The upcoming sale of the National Stock Exchange of Lithuania has led to a speculative fre

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Hungary strikes back at EU

RIGA - In a bold move, Hungary's leadership announced that it would introduce labor market restricti

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Peter PanDirector: P.J. Hogan.There is real fairy dust in the air in this film. In many ways

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