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Pastor explores what it means to be German

Characteristically, Martin Grahl doesn't look like a typical pastor, but rather a contemporary man w

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Cafe Francophone brimming with words

The Cafe Francophone de Riga is a jolly group of about 60 men and women whose simple but very enjoya

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NATO: One for all, all for one

RIGA - Twelve-and-a-half years after splitting away from the Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia and Lithu

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Transit crisis looming?

RIGA - A spotlight has been thrown on legislative inadequacies and shortcomings in the attitude of c

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Accession brings trade, logistics developments

RIGA - Just a little more than one month is left before Latvia becomes a full member of the European

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Investors express interest in terminal construction

VILNIUS - Potential investors intend to put in around 500 million litas (150 million euros) to furth

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Estonia races to meet food import standards

TALLINN - Most of Estonia's border checkpoints will stop handling food imports from non-EU countries

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Transit briefs

The Port of Tallinn announced plans to turn Paldiski, a port located approximately 40 kilometers out

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Analysts consider Estonian Railways' future track

TALLINN - Estonian Railways has been at the center of speculation in Estonia's transit industry, as

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Railway company views ports as weak link

TALLINN - The chairman of the supervisory board of Eesti Raudtee (Estonian Railways), Edward Burkhar

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