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Riga Days 2004 - from sea to sky

Get ready for another helping of Latvian folk culture. Keeping with recent - and almost out-worn - R

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Baltic Pearl set to gleam

RIGA - It's the best of the best - a gathering of offspring from the Cannes, Venice and Berlin inter

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Presenting: Tadas Blinda - Lithuania's Robin Hood

VILNIUS - He robs the rich and gives to the poor. He spends years leading a band of outlaws in the w

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Movie reviews - 2004-08-12

This week:- The Stepford Wives- Ned Kelly- HellboyThe Stepford WivesDirector:

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House music debut - for sale

VILNIUS - Finally, the first official Lithuanian house-music album is joining national music release

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Vibin' it at the boarder

VALKA - The small town of Valka, snug on the border of Latvia and Estonia, will be bumping stereo vi

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Diary of a Baltic exile

Get out your barf bags - it's time to be sick again. The Olympic Games are here, and once again the

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Comprehensible Chinese splashes

RIGA - If you're one of those for whom contemporary art means staring stupidly at a series of squigg

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The beach less taken: 10 summer alternatives to Jurmala

RIGA - After months of grumbling about the dreary Riga summer weather, we finally got what we asked

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Genius at work

TALLINN - There is a school of thought according to which, if the prehistoric human that invented th

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