House music debut - for sale

  • 2004-08-12
  • By Milda Seputyte
VILNIUS - Finally, the first official Lithuanian house-music album is joining national music releases on CD shop racks. With assistance of the house music label "RyRalio," DJ Karalius and DJ Lauris Lee released their first official album, "Pasaka" (The Fairy Tale), in early July.

The compilation sums up the last five years of the best deep jazz house music from Lithuania. Selected, compiled and mixed by RyRalio DJs, "Pasaka" includes 10 new and unreleased tracks.
Embracing a group of Lithuanian artists, DJs and music promoters, RyRalio is dedicated to bringing the distinctive flavor of its national talent to the world. Since its onset in the spring of 2002, its activists have been involved in organizing dozens of house music events around the country and promoting national DJs abroad.
Over the last year, they released a few limited editions of CDs with their best mixes each month. However, the albums were not for sale in official music shops and only a privileged few could obtain them from the producers. Nevertheless, most house devotees in Lithuania have already fallen for RyRalio's jazzy and playful style.
In "Pasaka," RyRalio has nicely brought together the most innovative house music from the country. In a 60-minute mix of RyRalio's pillars - DJ Karalius and DJ Lauris Lee - one will surely be overwhelmed by the mild jazzy fluttering that makes Lithuanian house so distinctive.
The albums opening song, "Morning Routine Rollin," is instantly infectious with its catchy drumbeat. The subsequent mixes simmer you down to an easy chill until track number four, when you soar into a truly beautiful "Journey Through Sounds" by Hek & Soul. The laidback mix will surely be appreciated for creating a joyful and gamesome atmosphere.
If one could transform light into sound, it would be called "It's Time to Change," for this song flashes with energy and futuristic elements. The track forms a soft remix crafted by the talented Mario Basanov.
The sincerely laidback RyRalio house music doesn't let us down once and flows nicely through the entire album, linking one track to another for a nearly perfect whole.
The melodic tale of "Pasaka" reaches its culmination in the last hit-single featuring Giedre, one of the best contemporary Lithuanian vocals out there. The somewhat cosmic song's nostalgic aura will call back more than one magical moment of your life.
If you haven't already taken up the opportunity to hear RyRalio's vinyl live, "Pasaka" is the best compilation to get a good taste of Lithuanian house. Deep jazz has never sounded so sincere.