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Troops to come home from Afghanistan - and stay

VILNIUS - The experience gained by Lithuanian troops' of the Special Operations Unit in Afghanistan

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First to say 'yes' to EU constitution

VILNIUS - The former legislature's final sitting on Nov. 11 went down in history as the first "yes"

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Giddy over air-defense system

MUMAICIAI - Troops in the air defense battalion of the Lithuanian air force said they would improve

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Coalition agreement signed, Labor to take key portfolios

VILNIUS - Amid developing plans for a new government, the leaders of four centrist and left-of-cente

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-11-10

Lithuanians feel that Social Democrat Party leader and current Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas is

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Air-force base welcomes new commander, new changes

ZOKNIAI/VILNIUS - Lithuania's Zokniai air-force base underwent a change in command on Oct. 8, as Maj

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Counterfeit euro gang busted in Kaunas

VILNIUS - A two-year long police investigation into forgery finally paid off when Lithuania's crimin

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Lithuanians move to delay drilling at  D-6

VILNIUS - Lithuanian environmental protection experts have urged Russia to suspend oil extraction fr

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Lithuania rushes to ratify EU constitution

VILNIUS - In an event that will go down in European history, EU heads of state gathered together to

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-11-01

Lithuania's population shrank by some 11,000 people in the first eight months of this year, accordin

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