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100 days of new executive stability

VILNIUS - Valdas Adamkus this week commemorated his 100-day milestone as president of Lithuania, rec

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Brazauskas lays down post election law

VILNIUS - As Lithuania passed the week in mid-election limbo, Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas let

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-10-13

Lithuania has been reportedly seeking a postponement to the closure of unit one at the Ignalina Nucl

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When matchmaking makes countries

VILNIUS - Since no one party - even no two parties - have so far failed to gather enough seats for a

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Two Lithuanians arrested for murder of Swedish doctor

VILNIUS - Two Lithuanians were arrested in connection with the murder of Swedish psychologist Helena

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Labor, Viktor savor their victory

VILNIUS - The opinion polls predicted it, and the political elite decried it. Nevertheless, disaffec

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Lietuva in brief - 2004-10-06

President Valdas Adamkus on Oct. 4 urged politicians seeking MP mandates not to make empty promises.

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Roma outraged at creation of new police post

VILNIUS - The Roma community in Vilnius expressed outrage at the municipality's decision to establis

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Paulauskas doesn't rule out coalition with Labor

VILNIUS - Arturas Paulauskas, leader of the ruling Social Liberals and speaker of Parliament, became

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World leaders question Putin's governance

VILNIUS - Last week more than 100 prominent international political and cultural figures sent an ope

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