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Lithuania's system of privatization is a disaster. Time and time again the State Property Fund, abet

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The importance of a lasting impression

Perhaps more than any other official, Defense Minister Linas Linkevicius has transformed the Lithuan

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Junky fix and body switch

Spun. Wow. There just are not enough expletive words in the English language to describe what an ent

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Eccentric eatery livens up oil-rich ghost town

VENTSPILS - Put bluntly, the western Latvian port of Ventspils is schizophrenic. Big bucks from oil

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Diary of a Baltic Exile

Memories, memories, memories. Although I make plenty of money here in the Baltics, my life, to be ho

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Skybar is best - it's official!

The votes have finally been tallied up for The Baltic Times' best bar 2003 competition. It was a clo

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Annual Christmas market brings cheer and sheep to Tallinn

TALLINN - The annual Christmas market in Tallinn was officially opened on Nov. 30 by Mayor Edgar Sav

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Zombies rock around the clock

RIGA - Zombies will be all the rage on Dec. 5 - 6 when the Zombie Rock Festival arouses some of the

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The Cardigans: must see before daylight

Sweden - In what should be one of the best concerts of the year, The Cardigans will be playing in Ri

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Baltics' current account deficits differ

RIGA - Despite the Baltics' upcoming accession to the European Union, major differences in the count

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