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Getting tourists to spend the night

The fact that the tourism sector is vital for Estonia's economy is clear.Annual revenues from to

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Looking to a future with the EU

Andrew Rasbash, head of the European Commission delegation in Latvia, hopesto get all people liv

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Mortgage loan accessibility for risk groups decreased

TALLINN - About one-third of Estonian families suffer from poor dwelling conditions,and accessib

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Foreign direct investment in Eastern Europe at record high

GENEVA - Foreign investment in Central and Eastern Europe rose by 15 percent in 2002to reach a r

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Ryanair warns of ruling's impact

AFP PARIS - Faced with the prospect of being forced out of a second regional airport inEurope, t

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Finland to exempt subsidiaries

TALLINN - Finnish Finance Minister Antti Kalliomaki meeting with his Estoniancolleague, Tonis Pa

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Leaders reach Saudi- Russian accord on oil

AFP MOSCOW - Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, woundup a hist

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Privatization agency scrutinized

RIGA - Representatives of Latvia's ruling coalition party New Era on the LatvianPrivatization Ag

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Debtors' register to start up

RIGA - On Oct. 1 a debtors' register will begin to function providing additionalinformation to t

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Lithuanian bank weighs Russian bid

VILNIUS - The central Bank of Lithuania has begun analyzing Konversbank's request toapprove the

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