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MP explains 'kula' to Europe

RIGAThe problem of Latvia's annual grass-burning custom may soon present a baffling dilemma for E

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Lawmaker sides with Russia on education

RIGAA Latvian lawmaker caused a political ruckus when he sided with Russia on the issue of planne

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Fate of KGB files still hotly debated

RIGA The opposition People's Party has set up a task force of lawyers to draft a bill about the p

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Center Party's EU indecision irritates Parts

TALLINNThe Center Party's unclear position regarding Estonia's bid to join the EU has irritated P

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In Brief - 2003-07-17

Ukrainian diplomat injures policemanLithuanian Foreign Ministry undersecretary Darius Jurgelevic

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Pro-Chechen Web site offered unique home

VILNIUSThe fate of a pro-Chechen independence Web site that was shut down last month on court ord

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'Yes' to direct presidential elections

TALLINNThe Estonian government approved a number of amendments to the law on presidential electio

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Lithuania uneasy about relations with Belarus

VILNIUSAs Vilniusites admire the lightening-paced modernization of their city and contemplate sol

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Brainy Baltic eurocrats well qualified for Brussels

RIGAAlthough Latvia and Estonia have yet to hold referendums on European Union accession, almost

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U.S. decision not to harm relations

RIGAEven though the Baltic states have not signed an agreement with the United States on nonextra

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