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Beer - the appliance of science

RIGA - There are few pleasures as sweet as taking that first sip of cold beer on a hot summer's day.

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Beer Bites

The earliest known references to beer date back some 5,000 years. The Chinese brewed beer called "Ku

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The Baltic Times' special summer beer review

RIGA - Beer - the mere mention of the word can light up the eyes of many a brew-loving Balt. From co

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Niche positions in a saturated market

The rest, for their part, will have to fight to keep their corner of the Baltic beer market. "Sm

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Port files claim against fuel retailers

RIGA - Riga Port has filed a claim against two leading gasoline retailers for poor management of a l

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In Brief - 2003-07-24

Cheap booze rankles neighborBargain-cheap Estonian alcohol is likely to complicate Finland's 200

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Control over pulp mill could fall into different hands

HELSINKI - A project for building a massive pulp mill in Latvia may pass into the hands of the Finni

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New oil trading house in Latvia

RIGA - Lithuania's Mazeikiu Nafta oil refinery has established a trading house in Latvia, Mazeikiu N

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Estonia's energy future up for debate

NARVA - Meelis Atonen, minister of economic affairs and communications, has said that there will be

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East European tourism expecting EU boost

AFP VIENNA - Joining the European Union should polish the image of former communist countries, attra

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