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Kino Riga paints a pretty picture of the cinema

RIGAEverybody loves a good film. But while sitting at home with some food on your lap and a DVD m

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NATO: Coalition of the willing

Last week, the United States asked over 50 countries for assistance if conflict with Iraq becomes ne

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Russia has lost the war in Chechnya.After over three years of sporadic fighting and unending clea

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Alternative oil routes

Transneft, Russia's oil-pipeline monopoly, has cut off its oil shipments from Navapolatsk in Belarus

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Drama smashes box-office records

TALLINNAfter the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001, the movie "Nimed Marmortahvlil",

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Playing in theater has always been a dream

Since its premier Nov. 1, 2002, the film "Nimed Marmortahvlil" ("Names in Marbles"), based on an Al

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Analysts expect solid dividends for 2002

TALLINNAnalysts said that, according to their estimates, publicly traded Estonian companies were

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Vilniaus Bankas won't pay dividends

VILNIUSVilniaus Bankas, Lithuania's largest commercial bank owned by Sweden's SEB, said it did no

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Bullish on Lithuanian Eurobond

VILNIUSSixteen foreign banks have expressed interest in handling the Lithuanian government's plan

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Two Baltic exchanges to be merged

RIGA/TALLINNThe HEX Group, the owner of the Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga stock exchanges, intends t

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