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Belarus mulling nuclear

Lithuania's President-elect Rolandas Paksas has stated that he intends to approach the European Unio

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Uniting Lithuania's Center-Right

The aftershocks following Rolandas Paksas' victory in the presidential elections are beginning to hi

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Lithuania pushing for euro switch

VILNIUSThe head of the Bank of Lithuania, Reinoldijus Sar-kinas, said on Jan. 20 he saw no obstac

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2002 banner year for Latvian banks

RIGALatvia's banks posted an aggregate profit of 56.4 million lats (91.1 million euros) for 2002,

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Big Mac index: kroon undervalued

VILNIUSThe latest calculations of The Economist's Big Mac index showed that the Estonian kroon re

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IMF disappointed with Latvia

RIGAThe International Monetary Fund's representative in Latvia said the IMF was disappointed with

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Estonian chips tumble hard

RIGABaltic blue chips gained 0.44 percent over the week, with the Baltic Index reaching 170.6 poi

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Ice rink waiting for OK

RIGAConstruction of the multi-functional icehall for the 2006 World Hockey Championship in Riga w

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Sport facilities undergoing boom

TALLINNThe nation's health and construction companies' bottom lines have both benefited from the

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Swedes get their casino

STOCKHOLMResidents and visitors to Stockholm will be able to gamble to their hearts' desire in th

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