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Explosive games of cops and robbers

S.W.A.T. It's been a while since a fairly good cop movie has been released and – surprise, surprise

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Juri Kuuskemaa: the soul of Tallinn's Old Town

TALLINN - Historians aren't supposed to be celebrities. They are supposed to spend their lives givin

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Diary of a Baltic exile

Memories, memories, memories. The other week I was reminiscing with an old friend of mine about the

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Riga restaurant shines

RIGA - Vairak Saules (More Sun) is one of the many new hangouts popping up in downtown Riga, as youn

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'White Lullabies' nicely sets the mood for Christmas

RIGA - "White Lullabies" (Microphone Records) is the sixth release in the excellent Lullaby series,

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2Show highlights best in Latvian and Lithuanian contemporary art

VILNIUS - As part of an ongoing cycle of exhibitions simply entitled Lithuanian Art, the Contemporar

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A little bit of Tartu in Riga

As part of the celebrations for the Republic of Latvia's 85th anniversary, a series of artworks by L

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Black Nights brings festive joy to Estonian film lovers

TALLINN - The annual Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia is one of the few reasons to leave your h

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From comedic art to grim ghetto

Les Triplettes de Belleville. Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyda

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Latvian poet and translator who opened up a whole world of words

DAUGAVPILS - Walking through what is beyond doubt the worst neighborhood in Riga - the Moscow distri

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