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Franco-German axis squeezes Britain

PARISA series of joint proposals by France and Germany on the future of the European Union illust

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Minister: Balts to be NATO diplomats to East

RIGAWith NATO invitations in hand, Baltic leaders said they can best contribute to the alliance b

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Ambitious national budget passed by Parliament

VILNIUSThe Lithuanian Parliament passed an ambitious national budget for 2003 after two hours of

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Analysts: Adamkus all but home free

VILNIUSWith less than 10 days remaining before Lithuanians go to the polls on Dec. 22, incumbent

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Police chief suspended

RIGAThe top-ranking officer in Riga's central police force has been suspended pending the results

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Ministers fight for pieces of budget pie

RIGALatvian Cabinet ministers have been at each others throats over the apportioning of the state

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PM not to pull plug on film industry

RIGAPrime Minister Einars Repse promised not to close the curtain on Latvian filmmakers when his

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Repse pledges to keep 2003 budget deficit low

RIGAReacting to warnings from the IMF and central bank, Prime Minister Einars Repse said Latvia's

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Lynx and bear remain game

TALLINNDespite previous pressure from the European Union, Estonia has kept the right to hunt lynx

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Overcrowded prisons problem rises again

TALLINNEstonia will likely be required to revise its legislation on decreasing the number of inma

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