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Judging the judge

After WW2 the allied occupying powers presented a number of reform demands on Germany, including the

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Trying to minimize Baltic losses

At the EU's Copenhagen summit this week, Estonia is likely to get an invitation to join. Politicians

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Insurance sticks with T-bills

VILNIUSLithuanian insurance companies invest over two-thirds of their funds in government securit

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Lending in Latvia soaring

RIGAThe share of personal loans in the total lending by Latvian banks at the end of this October

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Swiss insurer operations under question

VILNIUS-RIGASwitzerland's Zurich Insur-ance Company has stopped writing new insurance policies in

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Hansabank opens leasing operations in Russia

TALLINNHansa Capital, member of Hansabank Group, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and dev

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Markets exceptionally dull

RIGAThis past week stock market activity remained low, the Baltic Index finishing at at 161.8, fu

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Old apartment houses - property plague

RIGAOne of the greatest infrastructure headaches in the Baltics that has yet to be fully cured is

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French farmers take feta fight to court

MILLAU, FRANCEThousands of French farmers demonstrated Dec. 8 against a European Commission's dec

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EU proposes ban on single-hull tankers

BRUSSELSEuropean Union transport ministers on Dec. 6 proposed banning single-hull tankers, carryi

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