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Police officer killed in road accident

TALLINNA police officer was killed last Dec. 5 trying to stop a speeding car in Tallinn's souther

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Enlarged EU: key world power or unwieldy giant?

BRUSSELSThe EU will agree this week to expand into a 25-member bloc stretching deep into ex-Sovie

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Key dates in the formation of the European Union

January 1949: France, Britain and the Benelux countries agree to set up the Council of Europe. They

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Building financial bridge between East, West

RIGAAs it winds down to a close, the year 2002 may well be remembered not only as the year the Ba

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EU negotiations go down to wire

COPENHAGENAfter more than four years of intense negotiations and all but a few tough details rema

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Latvia starts to reap the benefits of Eurovision

RIGAThe countdown to the Eurovision Song Contest is now well and truly underway. A specially stag

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Brain drain in the Baltics: Returnees find bleak prospects

During the last decade, the migration of skilled workers, more popularly called a "brain drain," has

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If Latvia's new government does not come up with a plan to appease Russia, the oil pipes running acr

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Putin's high ratings reflect expectations, illusions

Russian President Vladimir Putin's public approval ratings arguably represent his most important pol

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Progress, or just a time-out?

Last month's EU-Russia summit in Brussels, which finalized a long-awaited agreement on visas and tra

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