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Mystical medicine for the modern world

RIGATeo Alens doesn't at all fit the conventional image of a shaman. A youthful 43-year-old, he i

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The price of EU membership

In less than two weeks, Latvia will hold national elections, the outcome of which will significantly

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a strong stomach

In a healthy democracy, citizens should have access to a wide range of political views, no matter ho

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The anti-politics election

It is probably fair to say that people in many countries are cynical about elections. But with Latv

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Staying power

Andris Berzins has been prime minister for two-and-a-half years, the longest serving head of governm

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Yukos deal conclusion highlights uneventful week on markets

Most Baltic stock market indicators declined last week, though they were saved from the sharp drops

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A piece of old Lithuania brought back to life

One more estate has been crossed off the blacklist of Lithuanian heritage sites gone to waste.Lit

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Virgin sets sites on Telia operations

HELSINKIVirgin Mobile, a telecommunications unit controlled by British businessman Richard Branso

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IMF slams Belarus' growth forecasts

MINSKExperts from the International Monetary Fund slammed the optimistic plans and macroeconomic

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Swedish retailer eyes European, U.S. markets

STOCKHOLMSwedish retail giant Hennes and Mauritz posted a 52 percent rise in net profits in the t

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