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New ticket to ride in Tallinn

Dialing a mobile phone is as good as opening a wallet for people who ride some of Tallinn's trams an

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Estonian food losing to regional competitors

TARTUEstonian food is losing out on its home market to cheap imports from regional competitors, a

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Lukashenko hints at friendlier relationship with NATO

MINSKPresident Alexander Luka-shenko hinted last week that his country was seeking friendlier rel

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Kaliningraders want old name Koenigsberg back

KALININGRADRussia and the European Union may be battling over Kaliningrad's impending isolation,

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Needle exchange vital to stem AIDS: experts

BARCELONANeedle exchanges for intravenous drug users, law reform and erasing the stigma of drug a

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Farmer's well causes leak in Belarus border

VILNIUSLithuania's failure to foot the $580 bill for a new well has opened up an attractive leak

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Belarusian emigres, exiles back Baltic NATO bid

VILNIUSLeaders in the Belarusian emigre community endorsed Baltic NATO membership at a meeting in

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Soviet military spouse case could set legal precedent

RIGATatijana Slivenko claims her right to privacy and family life were violated when Latvian auth

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Eurovision diva bridges Latvia's minority gap

RIGASmiles rippled a round a welcoming reception at which Latvia's Eurovision Song Contest victor

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Land ban proposed

TALLINNThe People's Union, Estonia's largest political party, said last week it intended to launc

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