Officers scolded after pro-Tibet scuffleVilnius Police Chief Erikas Kaliacius reprimanded six pol

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Drug use triples among teenagers

Eastern European teenagers are fast catching up with their Western counterparts' drug habits, taking

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Beauty pageant fails to impress Belarus' gays

In his schoolgirl uniform Alexey struts the dance floor at a clandestine Belarusian gay club, hoping

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Enlargement tops Danish EU stint

Denmark on July 1 kicked off its six-month turn at the presidency of the European Union, during whic

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Shipping company sale lands in court

After several false starts and the collapse of more than one government, Latvia appeared to have fin

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No payments to ex-slave laborers

The majority of Lithuanians who were forced into slave labor by the Nazis during World War II are in

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Latvian army readies for NATO nod

After embedding what looks like a large gun next to an unexploded missile, Staff Sgt. Zane Silina lu

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